EUR 10,000 From Brussels School of International Studies

Have you ever wanted to be a leader of future generations? The University of Kent in the United Kingdom now extends its offer to sign you up on the waiting list! In collaboration with the Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS) you can earn as much as EUR 10,000 to learn to be a leader!

BSIS offers up to EUR 130,000 in degree programs every year! You may even be sponsored to study at accredited online universities or receive college education online.

As long as you can deliver a convincing argument, your studies will be funded. Whether it is an online associate degree or an online school, the future quite readily belongs to you.

Let us see what the scholarship will do for you, and future generations. If you are a bright individual who can change how things are run in the world, then you will most certainly benefit from this option.

You will need to complete an application form and submit your offer by 10 April 2018.

In the interim you will have a good chance to think what degree programs you find the most interesting. Are there particular accredited online universities that you will be interested in?

Do you think that college education online, an online school or an online associate degree is anything you would like to have a truck with? Well, it all pretty much depends on you and there is no reason for you to be worried now. It will all come to you in time.

In the meantime it would suffice it to know that while the BSIS scholarship is one of the staple degree programs out there, there are plenty of accredited online universities on the market.

Even college education online will sometimes suffice let alone a decent online associate degree.

We find ourselves on the thorns of a dilemma. On the one hand, no online school will spend EUR 130,000 to make you come and study there. But then again you will not spend as much money, if any, bar bills, for studying on the Internet. It is an interesting question, but the BSIS scholarship is well worth looking into.

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  1. Hi I very much interested in changing our governance so that as a country we will develop and reduce the poverty levels.

    1. I Am Nigerian, And My Parents Are Poor They Can’t Take My Resposibility To Find Good Education In Other Country Please Help Me

    2. I’m from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I’m poor and can’t afford to further my studies here in my Country…
      Therefore am interested in such opportunity which will enable me to help my family other relatives and my Country also make the world a better place for our children….

  2. Am from Tanzania and I willing to take Masters in Biblical studies in order to preach the Good News to people the problem is money please help me to get the full scholarship.Yusufu Lutonja,thank you.

  3. Hi,me also would like to inrease my knowlegde in Engineering Sciences in case to have diploma of master after all I’ll return in my lovely country to share it with others but beeing orphan i have no money and would like to have Scholarship.Will you help me?

  4. Hi, am a Kenyan and have my undergraduate. My interest has always been Good Governance for Equality in development and Social Growth. Therefore I would request for help to undertake my Masters in International Relations and Politics. If possible, kindly assist.

  5. Hello! I want to impact in the world of medical sciences by carrying out clinical researches that will be relevant in solving most of our immediate challenges. I want to offer a lasting solution to the trending challenges affecting our communities as emerging and reemerging infectious diseases are becoming prevalent in developing countries like cases of Lassa fever in Nigeria. I therefore needs the scholarship to study Biomedical Science.
    Thanks for anticipated response.

  6. I am from Ethiopia very much interested in changing our governance so that as a country we will develop and reduce the poverty levels

  7. Hi guys l am from South Sudan am really looking for your help +211954378970 Tell contact
    To help me financially to finish high school

  8. Hi I’m very much Interested in studying economics. Could you help me fulfill my dream to help in the building of my developing country Papua New Guinea.

  9. Hello …my name is Linmar Abad my life is poor I want to study for my future and for my talent..there’s so many people say that my talent was so amazing and they hope that I get the scholarship to help my family and to my self…

  10. Hi, I want to do my undergraduate program but I don’t have funds to pay for my program. I need help please, I
    am from Namibian.

  11. Hello, my Name is Bridgit, I am a Kenyan. I am a holder of Diploma in Journalism. I am unable to attain a degree because of funds. I will appreciate if You give a hand. I am also interested in studying the Bible, (Theology). So that I may grow in my faith and help others too who are around me and away. Where I stay people are ignorant of Faith. How I wish we were all burning in Faith and the Word of God in our fingertips.
    Kindly, please help.

    1. Hi this Daniel from Uganda I would like to impact out youth with enough ad reliable leadership skills in different departments so as to enhance in several Fields hence development

  12. Hi my names are Aubrey Siakachemba from Zambia, holder of a bachelors degree in Computer systems and networking from the university of Greenwich, and I want to further study a master of Cyber security and forensics, and at the moment I have no funds to enable me get into University abroad because we don’t the course in Zambia. Need financial help

    1. Hi,My name is Cyrus Abiri from Kenya,I am a graduate from Maasai Mara university, I would like to do my masters in educational administration which can help me to solve educational problems in future .please help me with tuition fee.Thanks

  13. Good day,my name is Flomo B,Kpadeh
    I am from Liberia.
    I could like to an scholarship offer to study master in Human and Social services

  14. I am from Liberia.
    I would like to have a scholarship offer to study master in Human and Social Services in order to improve the the social conditions of the underprivileged Liberians.

  15. hello Im Yonela from South Africa. i would like to get the scholarship i am doing maritime studies at Cape penensula university of cape town. i am doing my first year

  16. am Muhammed Jatta from The Gambia,i want a scholarship to complete my educaton because my parents cannot pay for me to complete my schooling thats why i stop going to schol since 2016.please help me to get the scholarship.

  17. Thank you so much for this genuine and great opportunity to pursue post graduate studies through BSIS Scholarship. It is an opportunity that cannot be ignored. Please I’d really need the sponsorship (scholarship) to read for a Masters Degree in Global Management, Salford University, United Kingdom through online studies.

  18. Thank you so much for this genuine and great opportunity to pursue post graduate studies through BSIS Scholarship. It is an opportunity that cannot be ignored. Please I’d really need the sponsorship (scholarship) to read for a Masters Degree in Global Management, Salford University, United Kingdom through online studies.


    1. Hi!!!! I am Mamello from Lesotho and I would love to get a scholarship for the betterment of my future and country…. It would be an honour to get a scholarship

  19. Iam a kenyan,interested in advancing in education,I have passion see young minds getting education,I hold a diploma in education Arts…please consider me

  20. I Am Nigerian, And My Parents Are Poor They Can’t Take My Resposibility To Find Good Education In Other Country Please Help Me

  21. Hie my name is Miami and from Zimbabwe. I have complete my High school, so i am looking for a scholarship at your school ..Looking forward to your kind reply.

  22. Hello , my name is cosmas m from uganda ,i’m nurse but would wish to up grade in line of education and be able to serve my country and the world better. .However with a poor family background this has not been so easy.With you schoolarship i’m quite confident and my dream will come true and the people in society especially those infected and affected with HIV /AIDS will recieve the best care from me ,given my current experience in this field.
    God Bless you people with big Hearts and Hands that give to the needy.

  23. Hello.
    Since the beginning of people’s society it was too worst place to live and conduct different activities for the betterment of their lives, but due to rise of few elites, the situation changed since they could sit down and plan for the ways, methods, strategies and missions on how to get out of poverty, disease, ignorance and other current circumstances that tend to rise day by day as we live in the world full of variety of things.
    Recently, we need people(leaders) who can have enough knowledge, experience and power to make the right decisions at the right time and in the right way.
    And those people are never falling from heaven, they were born leaders but they are to be well trained. Some lacks financial support and others do not get the opportunity to get to their accomplishment of their careers,.
    Through them we can have the hopeful future with the disired place that we can keep our lives safe.
    Am looking forward to hearing from you. Would like to get scholarship from you not for my own life’s interest, but for the benefit of the society around me, the country that I live in and for the world as whole.
    I would like to pursue the course concerning with Political Science and Public Administration.
    Through that we can change the world as we will have influence especially to the youth who are the powerful group that we need to invest in.
    Hopefully I am looking forward to you.
    Thanks in advance.

    Mr. Mwakyoma Joel J

  24. Please I am Nnawo Chinedu Mathias from Nigeria a graduate with Distinction in agricultural engineering and I need to further my education career. Please I need assistance from you people.

  25. I strongly intend to study a master of IT security or Cyber security to promote IT services in our country and take it down to our local communities where technology is still a challenge. I am willing to have this degree completion as one way of motivating young people in my community to go back to schools and reduce the number of school dropouts by emerging as a role model to them.

  26. Hi! Am suleiman a nigerian live in taraba nd my dream is to study and am i art student and i obtain my diploma in law and right now i want to have my degree,that why am applying for scholarship.hoping for the best

  27. Hi am shadreck mulenga from zambia i want to persue degree in biblical am asking any help or scholarship my detail 00260973492147 thanks may this request rech u…..

  28. Hello, my name is Alex Kaitale from Uganda.I am 21years old.
    I have been a leader since my childhood and will always be.My recent leadership posts were ;the Head Prefect of the School,Drama Club President, Secretary Debating Club and a school debator.That was way back in 2017 in my high school.
    I love Literature so very much and would love to impact the world with my writing skills. I usually write my own poetry, music,and articles in my free time.I would like to add on script writing, but need more knowledge about it , after attending university.
    Furthermore, I would like to further my education in any of these three fields; Law, IT or Economics.
    Obviously, a scholarship to study in the UK,or any other prestigious university would be my dream come true, due to the fact that the only supporting hand (my mother) that I have, can nolonger support me in my studies.(earns little income)
    with all considered, I would love to appeal to any helping hand out there, that feels touched to enable me further my studies,through a scholarship or any other means.
    Thank you.
    Tel:+256 784 292 153[WhatsApp]

  29. Im Nelson John Mdogo from Tanzania.I’m a holder of degree bachelor In Aquatic Science and environmental Conservation with upper second class with honors. I want to undertake Masters science of marine biology or any marine affairs. Please help me to get addimission and scholarship

  30. hi i am from Liberia, it will really be a pleasure if i get the opportunity to study in your country. Can you kindly Assist me your application form to start my process.

  31. Hi, Iam from Niger Republic.
    I am an MSc in Biostatistics, I want to do a PhD in mathematical modelling specially in Socio-economical analysis and edapho-climatical modelling for dates palms in Saharian zone of Niger (West Africa). So I need this scholarship to it as well as possible.
    Thank you!

  32. Hi, I’m from Niger Republic.
    I am an MSc in Biostatistics, I want to do a PhD in mathematical modelling specially in Socio-economical analysis and edapho-climatical modelling for dates palms in Saharian zone of Niger (West Africa). So I need this scholarship to do it as well as possible.
    Thank you!

  33. hi, my name is Okeke Chinenye Stella from Nigeria. my believe in life has always been that when one is given an opportunity to be a help to others, its a rearer chance and should be used wisely. the organizers of this scholarship has been given the opportunity to help me and others and I in return hope to give same chance to other people its a circle. This is really going to be a blessing to me and other beneficiaries. pray and hope its going to be granted thanks.

  34. am an under graduate of Anambra state university Nigeria,currently studying biological science wish to have a broad knowledge of fish farming and nutrition.


  36. Hello,
    I am from Ethiopia interested to apply for £18000 research grant. Any information that you like to give me on research grant is welcome.

  37. Hai am Oscar from Zambia, I would like to further my studies and it would an honour to be granted the scholarship so that I can contribute to the existing body of knowledge..

  38. Hi I’m Nfor Faith from Cameroon, I actually have a burden for health care I love to further my studies in pharmaceutical sciences in other to be of help to my country. I will greatly appreciate if I’m granted that opportunity. Thanks

  39. hi this is izhar ali baig…from pakistan, i am intrested in biotechnology and i nead your help for further studies.

  40. I also need to study so the scholarship is needed because of mine little financial capacity and i’m Rwandan, thanks alot and be blessed.

  41. Hi,am Ismael Onyango and would like to be sponsored to do leadership and Biblical studies or a bachelors degree in Theology.Thanking you in advance.

  42. thank you for information i want opportunity of scholar ship please i am graduate bachelor of medicine in somalia i want to continue my education up to the level of master but i can not due to i dont have money so i want to help me

  43. I’m Onesmo Teophil, currently I’m taking bachelor of medicine ( four year), currently I have financial problem to accomplish my studies. Please help me

  44. Im Simbaradzo Trish and would like your assistance in completing my studies..Your help will be very much appreciated

    1. Hi, am peter from Tanzania, am willing to study a masters from your university, but the problem is university fees due to the fact that i don’t have a parents. please, will you help me to get there? thank you.

  45. I wish to acknowledged the receipt of your offer of available scholarship by Brussels international school. I am currently a professional curator in a public museum in Nigeria and wish to apply for available scholarship covering cultural diplomacy studies studies or global strategic studies for future leaders.

  46. Change is a very important theme in every society,it’s starts when someone makes the first step,there is always a stepping stone in every part of our life,I wish to start the change by having a fresh mind,good education and I believe I can get it from here if offered opportunity.Thanks alot for those steps you have made others who were in need to achieve.

  47. I am really appreciative for the effort inserted in the activity. Am KALANZI JOEL IVAN from Uganda and am in need of a scholarship for CONSITUTIONAL LAW (LAWYER) in south Africa. Any assistance shall be highly appreciated. 0758 966 994.

  48. hello am sulaiman azizat from Nigeria,am an aspirant of medicine and surgery ,but i have financial difficulties to study abroad please enlighten me

  49. Please help me, am ssemaganda Gerald from Uganda and am very interested in this opportunity of joining your university I want study computer science help me please.

  50. Am a female ugandan with a second class degree in social work and and social administration and would want to do a masters in psychology so as to impact on the social psychological issues in my country. Please offer me this scholar.

  51. Hi am Desalegn Usho from Ethiopia. I wish if I could proceed my education in public administration. Please don’t hesitate to provide me your advice as much as you can.

  52. Hi I’m Samuel from Zambia..
    Does you also offer medical courses or advise me on how I can get in medical school on scholarship or bursaries

  53. I`am MohamedAhamed from Sudan.
    I Have Master Veterinary Medicine (MVM), Veterinary Anatomy, I want to do a PhD in Cytology specially Using Electromicrscope Because of fund . So I will greatly appreciate if I’m granted that opportunity.
    Thank you!

    1. I`am MohamedAhamed from Sudan.
      I Have Master Veterinary Medicine (MVM), Veterinary Anatomy, I want to do a PhD in Cytology specially Using Electromicrscope Because of fund . So I will greatly appreciate if I’m granted that opportunity.
      Thank you!

  54. I`am MohamedAhamed from Sudan.
    I Have Master Veterinary Medicine (MVM), Veterinary Anatomy, I want to do a PhD in Cytology specially Using Electromicrscope Because of fund . So I will greatly appreciate if I’m granted that opportunity.
    Thank you!

  55. Hello,,?Am passionate in medicine but i dont have any financial support please help me indeed God’s blessings will be with you,amen..

  56. hello i am aperson who live in ethiopia but i am somali i would like to give this big opportunity to save my people thank you

  57. I a m from Nigeria, l want to study master in educationand l don’t have the financial strength. I will be very if my dream comes through by your help as l wait for your response

  58. I am interested for such an opportunity which I believe will greatly assist in increasing knowledge to developing the world at large. I would like to study BBA online.THANKS IN ADVANCE

  59. My name is Dalia Simon , and i have a higher certificate in human resources please, i want your help with finance so i can further my study.

  60. I am tewachew from ethiopia ,I have electrical engineering first degree now i want to learn my msc but i am poor please help me.

  61. Hi my Name is Bello Chika Bello im from Nigeria I need your help to give me the schoolership can you give me? I hope u can give me to be part of the schoolership

  62. I am ethiopian and i need to grow as a leader to help the peoples i am interested. Please give me this chance

  63. hello,according to my level of understanding,i believe that education is the major solution to alleviate poverty. i Zambian citizen and am looking forward to change my country which is at a high levels of poverty.but this can only be done by you through the scholarship that you can give me because am unable to sponsor myself..

  64. Hi I am Khuruses Ilandy Delyn and I would like to study as my mom is single mother and she cannot afford to send to tertiary institutions so I plead with you to at least consider me. Law could be amazing.

  65. Hi I would like to get bachelor I was succed in national exam with 73%,I want to study commercial studies

  66. If opportunities permitting i would like to study SECURITY STUDIES at undergraduate level online im From ZIMBABWE IM BVUTE CHRIS


  68. Sir/Madame
    I ask for scholarship in general medicine, which I’ll practice (apply) to help the universe.
    Your help is always appreciated.

  69. hi am oloka ponsiano fro Uganda ,I have for so long been wishing to see a fundamental change in my country. It’s no secret that my current leaders have failed to deliver what I could except them to as this as been proved beyond reasonable doubt by the so many years they have spent in power without any tangible achievement. I promise to make a difference. Pliz put me under your consideration.

  70. Being a leader today has taken another path. It is no longer base on characteristics like , patient, being able to take the right decision not base on emotions and others, leadership today is rather qualified on how mush wealth a person has. I have a vision of changing this habit and I think leaders of the future generation should have this in mind too , which is one of the fundamentals the future generation need to change how things are run in the world and to have a stronger and reliable world.. I am a first year student in the university of Buea, Cameroon, I will be grate full to be among the beneficiaries of this scholarship. Thanks..

  71. I really loved this opportunity. I am from Indonesia and I really need a help for my study. Thank you so much

  72. Hi i want to study economic but i have no body to help in my academyics, i belive by grace of God i will be recoganised by u.

  73. Hi am patience carter,i also have interest in going further in my education, so that i can be able to help my families at home…because We are the future leaders for tomorrow.
    i will be so happy if am accepted….


  74. I’m a girl from a broken family pursuing Nursing studies. At present I’m doing 2nd year of the 3 year General and Midwifery course. My parent are very poor living hand to mouth and it is a fractured one. This scholarship will help me to complete my education

  75. Hi I am Precious Chisom, I have a dream for studying Nursing at UK. My family is not that Ok for the funding. Pls I really need this Scholarship, because it will really help me to complete my education with ease. Thanks.

  76. I really loved this opportunity.I want to study nursing.I come from a poor family.I really need this scholarship because it will help me to further my education.

  77. Hi,I am Dr walid JAMA from Somalia, I have Degree MBBS from Benadir University, Iinterested in this BRUSSELS SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, 2018. I would to prepare masters of infectious Diseases, Tropical medicine, Biomedical science or any other related to those.
    I would like very happy to choose me.
    Thank you.

  78. I’m from Kenya lady and i would like to major on international relations online with fully scholarship if possible due my financial constraints

  79. I am a Liberian, from a low income family, can’t afford my college fees,and I’ve been searching for opportunities like these ,I will appreciate if selected as one of those scholars that are yet to benefit. Thanks so much to they donors and contributors that have financed this program, once again my best regards.

  80. Hi,i am Eve Gerald from Tanzania, i have recently completed my bachelor degree in Education, i really wish to further my studies but my parents can’t afford, please help me out.

  81. Hi, I’m Ashley faith Godinez. I recently graduated from Senior high school and I hope that I could still continue my studies and pursue my dreams with your help. Badly need it. I have no one to hold on to.

  82. Hi, my name is Jeremy and I am from the Solomon Islands. I just completed college and I really wanted to continue with my study abroad, but sadly I cannot afford myself for further studies. I just want to give it a try, you know if anyone out there could help.

  83. Hello am Dave Jima Dau Jr from South Sudan who is residing in Kenya currently because of the crisis which are happening in my country. I would really appreciate if I might be among the luckiest students to been offered this golden opportunity since it might be my solving problems.+254792016003 that’s my contact, hope to get your reply as soon as you can. Thanks so much.

  84. Hi l’m Siphokazy from Pietermaritzburg,can you please help me to finish my matrix I’m desperate please.

    Thank you!!

  85. Agaba Ivan

    I am a Ugandan who wish to study how to cruise ships and boats because itis a challenge herein our country.I need that scholarship.

  86. Hi Sir,
    I have been accepted for a Schorlship, How can I register as message from Scot through grantfor me Scholarship website directed me to register.
    Please send me a register Form Online so I could register now

    kind regards,

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  87. Hello to you. Well, I have been I a financial crisis since p.1 due so, am kindly requesting for a scholarship of business administration(accounting and finance) so as to make a great legacy in my educational and become a great business woman to eradicate that problem of crisis in finances thank you.

  88. Dreams are arrows pointing to the future but can be thwarted if not projected with the right force and state of mind. I have a dream that someday, “Africa will be at the centre of the Universe”. This dream is possible only through sound knowledge of the Universe and its constituents. I thereby seek all creatures of goodwill to help project this dream by helping those who need help in making this dream come true. I hopefully await your response to the fulfilment this genuine call for the liberation of the peoples of my great Africa.

  89. My name is Zecharias Mulugeta from East Africa Ethiopia.I surely believe our problem that we Face today is not from what we seeing throw our naked is as result of wrong understanding about purpose so i need to make a change in all nation through right understanding about purpose , IF th e Lord Jesus Christ will Grant me his Favor to study my Master Degree on social Development program in your campus.

  90. I am so glad to have thos opportunity to continue my study abroad I am from Eritrea my name is mahder mohammed osman omer.I have completed my high school there in Eritrea. Due to the luck of fainancial problem I can’t able to continue my study for further more up to universiry.could you help me with my study now .thanks

  91. Am an enrolled comprehensive nurse and registered midwife, fully lincesed with the nurses and midwifery council in our country.
    Our country health has really not been the best,so much work is needed to make it the desired health of everyone.
    I will be humbled if granted a scholarship to study a bachelor in nursing,so as to improve my services to those in need and also better my skills.
    Good health is a fundamental tool in everyone’s life,and though I won’t be there to treat everyone, even the sharing of the acquired with my colleagues will be so much help.
    Thank you

  92. Am chinenye Okolie from Nigeria, am a graduate of Geography and Meteorology, but I love humanitarian services and cooking……..would be highly honoured if granted this scholarship

  93. Hi, i am from Bhutan holding diploma in forestry. i was really hoping to upgrade my career but i can’t due to lack of fund. Just by upgrading and advancing my career(in protection and conservation) i would largely benefit my nation and global in general. if you permit i would love to undergo various changes in conservation and protection method. my small nation(Bhutan) is reach in forest and in its biodiversity. we need to have many more capable and advanced intra nature lovers to create opportunity (in plant taxonomy, birds , fishes,reptiles, insects and rodents). i trust your offer will largely improve in managing our natural resources sustainably and come up with objective protection…. hoping for your kind support…..
    Tandel Zangpo

    1. Hello I am Berhanu from Ethiopia.first of all I thanks for this chance and I am graduating degree in economics after 3 months.I would like to study international economics to help my country and also the world in my profession. but there’s financial problem to start with myself. please help me.

  94. I am Melachio Chanyon Elmine from Cameroon, i have recently completed my medical technical in Education, i really wish to further my studies but my parents can’t afford, please help me out.

  95. Hello am Hillary from Kenya need to take security in journalism so as to protect life of a journalist. Please help me because I don’t have any financial support.

  96. Hello am Feelings Milton from Liberia. I need a quality education in forestry so that I can help to sustain the forest for the next generation

  97. Thanks for this grant scholarship offer. I am very much interested in the opportunity. My vision is to study Ophthalmology or Cyber security

    GCE Ordinary Level Results
    Subject name Grade
    Biology B
    Chemistry A
    Economics B
    English Language C
    Geography B
    History C
    Human biology B
    Mathematics B
    Physics B

    And my Advanced Level Results
    Subject name Grade
    Biology B
    Chemistry B
    Pure mathematics with mechanics B
    Physics D
    Thanks for consideration.

  98. Hello. I need your assistance in undertaking studies in business administration in order to improve the job opportunities for my fellow Kenyans and to better my life and of others by using the knowledge and skills that I will have gained to improve the business sector in my county and even internationally.

  99. Sir, I am looking forward to a scholarship to pursue undergraduate degree in educational psychology. I am a Gambian.

  100. Hi, am Joanne cherotich from Kenya, a third year student studying bachelor of commerce, accounting option.
    I would love to get this scholarship since my entire University life I have been struggling to pay my school fees and study at the same time.
    If given the opportunity, I promise not to let you down, I will be a better person, and as a leader, a role model of other young generation.
    Thank you.

  101. Greetings.
    My name is Andrew Kalyango and I am a Ugandan. i have a strong passion for human resource management and administration and its where i want to do my masters in order to change and improve the working conditions of employees in my country and the world at large. however i dont have funds that can enable me fulfill my passion and dream. therefore i would be grateful if i got an opportunity to get sponsorship/scholarship in order to achieve my dreams.
    Thank you so much.

  102. Good day Sir/Madam

    I would highly appreciate it if your company can assist me with a scholarship with my studying because I cannot afford it on my own. I would really love to become a successful nurse (pediatrician) to be specific.
    It’s been my dream to help mothers with their precious babies and taking care of beautiful babies . I love helping people wherever I can too . Looking forward to my bright future ahead of me and many more youngsters.
    Blessings, Peace and Love .
    Thank you very much in advance!

  103. My name is Habtamu Melkamu i live in Ethiopia I need sponsorship in order to attain my studies in BSC Nurse

  104. Hii…My name is Jope Vulisere and I am from Fiji. I would like to have a scholarship to study Medicine/ Radiology as my country does not have enough doctors to cater for the rising medical attentions.
    I hope i will be considered.


  105. Hellow Am A Kenyan And Would Like To Do Agricultural Engeneering So As To Change My Living Standards.Kindly Assist Me Achieve My Dreams

  106. Hey there!Am from Rwanda, and I would like to study Banking and finance! would you please help me get this opportunity

  107. Good day and thank you for the opportunity. I’m a Nigerian, I just finished the secondary school level and I would like to contribute in the development of the world in computer technology and sciences so I would be highly pleased if I get this one. Thank you

  108. hello there,
    Am Sebandeke Jude from Uganda, i am determined with the zeal of becoming a cardiologist and surgion.
    I have applied to some local university in Uganda for a bachelor in medicine and surgery, but i please beg to b considered with this opportunity to help me with the tution.
    thank you very much.

  109. I will be glad for any financial help towards my success to my dream course and career.
    I need to save many people’s lives through my career

  110. Am a Ugandan an sat my A’level in 2016 but still home upto now because of the family financial problem due to my father’s internal health disease that was diagnosed by the doctor and stopped for doing any work.
    Therefore I am humbled to ask for your support in pursuing a medical course because I did BCM/ICT(biology,chemistry,mathematics/computer).
    I will be waiting for your support and hope to be granted a parental consideration.

  111. I have just completed a diploma from maker ere university am requesting for a scholarship to study my bachelors abroad

  112. Hi this is Tsion. Am from Ethiopia. And grade 11 student I want to study medicine in the abroad countries after finishing grade I ask your cooperation for me to be part of the scholarship. Thanks.

  113. I’m David Ng’ombo from Tanzania, I hold an Advanced Diploma of General Agriculture so my parents are very poor couldn’t help me to take a Bachelor degree . On the behalf of your help I bag you to help me in this level of education.

  114. I am soniya still am studying civil engineering continue my higher studies pls I want scholarship because my parents are poor

  115. Hi, am Elijah Mwansa from Zambia and I would to study for masters degree in history or development studies so that I can contribute to the growth if my poor country

  116. Hello there , I’m Iffah Afiqah from Malaysia. I would like to pursue my pre university and then degree in mechanical engineering . This scholarship is really important for me as my family cant afford high amount of college fees . Once I graduated i will contribute to my beloved country , thats my promise . Please consider me 🙂

  117. Please accept my apologies. I won’t be embarking on the programme anymore due to family pressures.
    Will perhaps, notify you in future if I have to be enlisted.

    Thank you for your offer.

  118. Thanks for this opportunity! I am a mathematics student, I believe strongly that there are still many hidden concepts in Number Theory and I am determine to bring out some of these concepts but the means forward is my major problem, to know about my wonderful educational career, please just google my name and see for yourself that I am a potential change maker-help me realise my dream

  119. hi, am Abdul muizz, I need this scholarship to sponsor my self In my education field, I will be glad if I am among

  120. hi how are you i.m mr babba tagui 42 yaers old from western sahara want wanna study can you please give scholarship

  121. Hi I’m Sandy from Philippines, my mom can’t sent me to school please help me and can I have the application form?

  122. Hello,am from Lesotho I wish to peruse my studies but due to funds I’m failing to do so.i hope u can help me to be a part of it.

  123. I have a great ideas to change the world economically. I want to introduce new ideas to the world in which it change the world like it never before. “people who are crazy enough to say that they can change the world are the ones who do”. I want to learn economics.

  124. iam Tanui Abraham , a kenyan . i would kike to for my studies but economic background is very poor to lift my dream to the position i want. iam environmental health scientist and i love researching , teaching and helping the needy. kindly assist me to meet my dream

  125. Hello, my name is Landry GNITIN l ‘m 28years old . l am looking for a scholarship to continue my Master degree in Economic sciences.

  126. l want to study my undergraduate program but l have not funds to do my program , I’m looking for help . l am from Nigeria

  127. I am looking for scholarship to study medicine or medical laboratory science abroad, I am from Nigeria

  128. Hi i am Melat and i am from Ethiopia. i have a BA Degree in journalism and i am look forward to participating in your scholarship program ,thank you

  129. hi
    i am salman li khan from pakistan .i belong from a very poor family i cannot effort my tution fee .and i want to continue my study .i request you that give me a scholership i will be very thankful to you .

  130. Hello I’m Milly from Kenya and requesting for funds to study US under faculty of health science undergraduate if i get the funds I’m gonna study excellently and be the best….thankyou

  131. Am Nnodebem From Nigeria,I will like to have this opportunity and hoping positively for your reply Thanks.

  132. A diploma holder and I wish to continue with the degree level but I cant afford that’s why I am asking for sponsor

  133. It’s been always my dream to study abroad. I obtained certificates in office administration from college and would like to further my studies overseas. I’m from Papua New Guinea .Kindly help with this opportunity. God bless.

  134. i am bongani mnisi from South Africa i would like to get help from you guys i wanna finish my studies yet in our country we not all getting help from our government so please help me

  135. Im Sebwedin Surur Jemal am from Ethiopia.I’m a holder of degree bachelor In Statistics from Mekelle university and i am lecture in statistics in Mizan tepi university. i want to be leader of future generations b/c of this I want to undertake MSC on any specialization Statistics on your university. Please help me to get admission and scholarship

  136. I am Sebwedin Surur Jemal am from Ethiopia.I’m a holder of degree bachelor In Statistics from Mekelle university and i am lecture in statistics in Mizan tepi university. i want to be leader of future generations b/c of this I want to undertake MSC on any specialization Statistics on your university. Please help me to get admission and scholarship

  137. Dear sir \ Madam:
    My name is George W. Johnson from Liberia and a graduate of the university of Liberia with a degree in general Agriculture.
    I have been a self supported through out from high school where i was playing soccer for the school that qualified me to obtained scholarship, most recent i have manage to graduate from college through local politicians scholarship. All of these as result of me having a single parent. My mom has six children and she is responsible to sponsor everyone of us through her small wheel barrow dry goods business.
    I will be very happy if i am selected for your sponsorship.

  138. hi
    my name is joy,I am from Nigeria I have seen nd heard a lot happening to our country especially to we the poor,I would be happy if I am giving the opportunity to go to school by making the necessary fund so that I can explore my country Nigeria to a better place and make positive impact to d youth Also
    thanks sir/ma

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