Santander Scholarships for Grahanian Students at Durham University in the United Kingdom

Let us face it – online universities are upon us. They have come despite our fear of them. Good news is they are absolutely smashing! Yes, if you are reading this – online universities are worth every penny you are not paying for them.

Perhaps you never thought you would be going after college education online, but who could have? Online degree programs were not really a thing up until now! University online degrees and distance learning degrees were all looked down upon, and with some reason at that!

And yes, some institutions like the Durham University will try to buck the trend and keep things offline. The Durham University is now offering 6 Santander Universities scholarships, which are estimated at GDP5,000. This is not a shabby offer altogether for those Master’s degree applicants who want to join the 2018/2019 academic intake.

It is a full-time mode of study. But if you are not interested in this. It is all good. You can instead plump for online universities and that will seal the deal pretty neatly!

When it comes to study opportunities on the World Wide Web, you can go with:

  • College education online
  • Online degree programs
  • University online degrees
  • Distance learning degrees

Yes, your options are quite boundless as it turns out. Advancing further in any field of academia is a drudgery. But there is not just that. Even if the Durham University will offer you a nice scholarship worth GDP5,000 there is still a lot in the way of costs which you will have to cover yourself. Let us not make a big deal out of it .

You will also need to work and spend a fair bit of time commuting, all of which will add to the difficulties of learning.

On the other hand, college education online may not reward you with scholarships (not yet at least!), but it will help you pull through easily. Online degree programs are becoming quite popular and university online degrees are just as much.

Distance learning degrees a wacky idea for no goods of the past are now another staple product of some of the best institutions dedicated to learning out there.

100 Replies to “Santander Scholarships for Grahanian Students at Durham University in the United Kingdom”

  1. Hi I wish to pursue my masters kindly assist me, l have a bachelor of commerce finance option and i prefer distance learning.

  2. itoo,wants ascholarship,for my degree in tourism and hottel management,and many friends in uganda wants too,including my mother,socialwork and social administration

  3. good day, I would like to apply for the scholarship, I want to study Electrical engineering or computer science, please help me on how to apply.

  4. Hi am Tolbert, Am in need of a scholarship in law or human rights at any univercity out of in Europe…
    I have good A level grades.

  5. Hi, my name is Amarachi Queenta Akudike. A Nigerian but born and bred in Cameroon where i had my “O” and “A” Levels.
    i plead to partake in this scholarship in order to study Medicine to become cardio-thoracic surgeon

  6. hi i am MAXIME Kabanda lovely to see this informaion i would like to study social work admnistration,so that i may complete my dreams in career of international development.

  7. Hi I do need scholarship but my issue is different I’m already in class at southern African Nazarene University in Swaziland doing my second year my problem is money to pay for my tuition . I’m doing degree in nursing. I can be very much pleased if I can get scholarship

  8. I’m a kenyan lady my dream was to be amedic/nurse/clinical officer but financely I’m not stable but i can afford to some extend lm hardworking lady please help (Trizah kwamboka)

  9. for whom it may concern
    am nwokejiegbe mary chinazaekpere I wrote my WAEC 2016 I made all my result since then I had nobody to sponsor me I was catering everything on myself am 18yrs am single and all my dreams is all about I want to read medicine but no one to help me am a kind of being that respect my mentor and personal data and statue because education is the key to success my academic performance I try my possible best to no why am in school that’s why I no that my God will rember me one day because in life in any situation you see your self never give up help me thanks

  10. Hi ,I would like to study a degree program in human resources, I really need a scholarship. I will appreciate for your consideration.

  11. Hi,
    I completed my secondary school in November, 2017 and got straight As in Mathematics, additional Mathematics, English, biology, physics and chemistry, literature, and Religious Education.
    I am from Zambia and looking for a scholarship to study Medicine.

  12. Hi I wish to pursue my masters kindly assist me, l have a bachelor of Education I prefer distance learning. Please assist me

  13. Hi, my name is Dr Kudisala Kulwa Shija. A Tanzanian completed my Doctor of Medicine in 2013 and internship in 2014. I have been working in a rural setting as general practitioner.
    I wish to get scholarship in order to study Master of Medicine and proceed with super specialist in cardiology

  14. financially problem i always dream to persue my edu so if u can help me to this scholrship i will appreciate a lot srr/madam my line +260973492147

  15. Hallo, am in kenya and would like to study masters of education in education management full time.
    Thanks, linus keter.

  16. I’m doing diploma in civil engineering and I’m interested in pursuing a bachelor’s in civil engineering on scholarship. Thank you


  18. Greetings in Christ!!!!!
    Am already a student in Zambia at one of the universities doing Nursing and am in third year…I use to sponsor myself until when things turned bad… How can you help me to finish my school?

  19. name is Kabo Melemo..I have been offered a place at the university of witwatersrand in South Africa to do postgraduate diploma in applied drama and Theatre..iam from Botswana and my beloved country has no funding for performing arts. .Please help bcoz studies have already resumed

  20. Hallo, am in Ethiopian .I have civil engineering degree and would like to study masters of education in structural engineering .
    Thanks, Abera Nitsuh .

  21. Hallo, am in Ethiopian .I have civil engineering degree and would like to study masters of education in construction management .
    Thanks, Abera Nitsuh .

  22. Hi i would like to get these chance i am very sensetive to learn engieenering degree program if you are volunter please contact me

  23. I Am Weja Nick Diploma Holder in Education in Uganda.I’m searching for sponsership to study Bachlor in Education so that I acquire more skills of raising others in this dynamic world.I look forward to hear for your kind consideration toward my request.Many Thanks.

  24. Hello! I am seeking for a scholarship. I want to study Law but I want to take up BS Accountancy first. I am very hopeful to your positive and kind response. Thank you.

  25. Hi, I am Mr MBIOKA MAPIANDA Evarist. I am the coordinator of this NGO called CEDER(Rural Development Centre) in Tshela, Western DRCongo Province near the Atlantic ocean. I hold a BA in Business Administration and Management and Community Development. I am applying to this scholarship for my MBA or a MA in Development management through e-learning.

  26. Hi, I need a scholarship for my MBA or MA programme in projects management. I hold a BA in Business Administration and Management and Community Development. I have been the Coordinator of this NGO called CEDER (Rural Development Centre) for the past 29 years. I need to pursue my studies through e-learning.

  27. I have always longed to develop my career professionally for a long time now. I hold a bachelors degree in development studies and I would wand to upgrade to a master level in humanitarian sector. I prefer online learning and long distance learning.

  28. hi I would like get scholarship because I want to accomplish my studies in Durham university for undergraduate program.

  29. Hi, am a kenyan male student in one of the universities and would like a distance learning in computer courses at your institution. Please consider this request.
    hope for the best results
    caleb nyairo

  30. am john karanja from kenya
    a second year student doing information technology
    kindly asking for help in term of scholarship
    the reason behind these is because I experienced school fees problem.
    deferring sturdy has been the main issue to go out of school to work so to get school fees..was born in 1994 sucees will be a chance to help others connect to their destiny..

  31. I am Abilio Fernando Zongoro, I was born in Beira City – Mozambique. I would love studying abroad where I can study English to improve my fluency and learn other culture. I will be happy if you consider my request to provide a scholarship to make my dream a reality.

  32. Good evening i will like to further my Masters in Supply Chain Management and I will be pleased if you help me in that.I have a Bachelor Degree in Transit and Logistics.I am from Cameroon.
    Best regards

  33. Hello am so great full to know that you do offer scholarships:Am a Ugandan and i completed my secondary in 2017 i wish to achieve all my dreams of being a phamacist so i am honoured God bless you.

  34. Hi I would love to study in your university am a nurse on first level please I need your assistance thanks

  35. Hello I am Darlington L.Sandy, really need scholarship from you. I will grateful if you grant my humble request

  36. Hi i need a father has been died .so i need it so much plz kindly inform us .i have done my BS engilsh .now i want to get admission for MS .

  37. My name is Hermann AKPATA, Bachelor in Natural Sciences since 2016 in Benin. i studied english language in nigeria, ilorin university in 2017. i have the dream to do my masters degree in phytochemistry and medicinal plants.

  38. Yes I am interested in furthering my Education . as i am coming from a very poor home . i lost my father last year , lost my Husband in a tragic shoot . I would love to study and take care of my kids ,if you can help please i will be gratefull.

  39. Hi, am Mayende Evans a Kenyan citizen. Am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree. I wish to enroll for another online bacholars degree in artificial intelligence, please help. I’ll be so greateful if awarded the scholarship. Thanks

  40. Hi I just want to apply a scholarship I wanted to be a Programmer but financially my parents can’t afford to send me to college so I ask to be a guaranteed scholarship student.

  41. Hello,
    My name is cherifa azeddine i am i study biology in a algerian universty but my dream is to study out the contry that is way i Walt this scholarship si hard 😇

  42. Iam a Zimbabwean and want to pursue MA in Development Studies or Sustainability using the best online system.
    My contact is +27743465741

  43. Hi hello my name abokor hussein yousuf. Im in somalia , I ned a scholarship civil eng or any wen because l have no university year schools 2014—-215. I’m saty scholarship pleas let me thnks thnks

  44. My desire is to study for a Masters Degree in International Development Distance learning. Please kindly assist.

  45. hi, am a ugandan, currently just finished a masters degree in public admin and magt, however am intrested in doing another masters on full time basis if you give me the opportunity in conflict resolution and management or international relations and deplomatic studies

  46. Greetings!! Iam pretty from Botswana I need assistance concerning scholarship. Want to do masters degree in health promotion and education….

  47. Iam Atama Willliams from Uganda intending to pursue bachelors degree in nursing but couldn’t make it bse of financial constraints. please, kindly consider me for sponsorship. thank you.

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  49. Hi, I would be most grateful if I’m given the opportunity to study Medicine(Neurosurgery) or Geology. I’m very enthusiastic about education… Many thanks.

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