$10,000 Departmental Scholarships for International Students at Eastern Mennonite University in USA, 2018

If you thought online schools were cool, hold on to that thought. What we have here today is quite promising and it will upend your expectations completely. Online schools do have their merits. Let us give them a brief overview, so we may contrast them with this great $10,000 opportunity to study in the United States.

So, what makes online schools a somewhat popular choice? We will not mince words here – they are cost efficient and actually come close to the level of actual education. If some see a bit of trouble with that type of education, it is, they argue, the lack of human contact, which guarantees that students remain focused and try to work out solutions – the basis, they say, for real cognitive learning.

But then again, the naysayers could not really explain why so many people go after an associate degree online. It is simple – apart from being a part-time studying opportunity, it is also available around the schedule. A person who would usually want to obtain an associate degree online will in most cases be concerned about how much free time they have (which is usually not much, if at all). And so, the associate degree online is a neat little thing.

In this particular case, the University of Eastern Mennonite is offering a very rewarding award for the 2018/2019 academic year. You will be entitled to $10,000, which is quite something. Being a regular thing, the scholarship runs every year, so there is still chance to catch one of the offers as they come.

Meanwhile, the online college course and online university offer sufficient opportunities to study and make the most of your years which have been earmarked for studying. Exploring what opportunities we have to study today is no easy undertaking. You will be pleased to know that the online college course is your best option.

We like the online college course because it offers a decent insight in what education is really like. You will notice that there is plenty to do. You can pick any one subject and study it part-time which will help you decide if you really want to plunge right into it or if you would rather go with something else.

Hopefully, you will plump for the online university in full as it is an excellent opportunity to make the most of your time at school. Even if it is online.

14 Replies to “$10,000 Departmental Scholarships for International Students at Eastern Mennonite University in USA, 2018”

  1. My Doctor of Business Studies Student Financial Account has been on hold for more than a year at Walden University due to lack of funds. I would be grateful to be referred to an open scholarship for studies in the USA rather than one already tied to a university. Elizabeth R Marunda.

  2. Online school is not very popular in the third world partly due to poor internet facilities. I wish to pursue a civil engineering degree and a scholarship such as yours will be very helpful. kindly avail me with all necessary details for a successful application. I am Zambian.

  3. I am from Sierra Leone one of the poorest country in the world and I want quality education. Please let me benefits from this scholarship.

  4. I’m the Pastor of the Mennonite church,Iringa, Tanzania Please,let me know how can this be easy by providing some more information. I want to study Theology with this scholarship. This will be helpful to me since I don’t have enough money to pay for University level.

  5. I am from Central Tanzania and i would like to know more about. I am in a field of health – preventive health in which i need to advance my career for the betterment of Tanzanian community.

  6. thanks for the good spirit of assistance to us who really love education but are hand capped financially, my question is do u also help phd candidates? if so i am intrested in doing policy formulation and management, can i be assisted? thank you so much.

  7. HI
    My name is William Mutseneki from Zimbabwe and I am applying for a scholarship to pursue my Masters of Agriculture and Community Development on line. I secured a place to study the program with Atlantic International University. I have just gone 1/10 of the studies and the lectures came to a halt due to financial constraints. Your assistance to this dream is highly appreciated.

  8. Iam humbled to request for this scholarship to further my dream in information technology.am from a humble background and this would be my greatest hope for a good future.Thanks in advance

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