Government of Mauritius – Africa Scholarship Scheme for African Commonwealth Countries, 2018

The Government of Mauritius does not to mince words. This government sponsor is now inviting remarkable students of African descent to join the Mauritius Africa Scholarship Scheme for the 2018 academic intake.

The scholarships are extended to both countries of the African Union or those countries that belong to the Commonwealth ones.

Going over the details, there is still plenty of time to apply so you need not be in so much hurry. Suffice it to say that you may submit your candidacy by 16 April 2018. The scholarship will help the successful candidates meet their tuition fees and contribute to the living expenses.

You may only hold this scholarships in Mauritius. Meanwhile, let us discuss other modes of learning, such as the distance learning program. A distance learning program can do wonders on top of a regular degree or undergraduate programme you are after. The distance learning program is also shaping up as a decent staple product of all education.

But there truly is more in what you can achieve. Let us take for example the masters degree online which will help you do quite a bit. A masters degree online is not as popular, but it has been increasingly successful in recent years. A large number of host institutions have been learning with their due diligence as to how to offer a masters degree online without compromising the quality of education.

Lessons have been drown from the college education online and online bachelor degree as well. Both are rather nifty. The college education online and online bachelor degree are two aspects of the new age of learning we have come to know. They are, of course, well worth looking into.

It is not surprise that with so many opportunities for distance learning, college education online and online bachelor degree will shape up as available options.

Naturally, we do not exhaust our distance learning with the mere promise that everything will be easy. Quite on the contrary, just like with the regular sort of degree you will have to do your best in order to make the cut and outstrip competition. You will do well to do so with conviction and a steady hand.

The opportunity for distance learning is not one that you should squander. Instead of trying to figure out how to obtain a degree with the least hassle, you will have to focus on fulfilling your studies just like the Mauritius Scholarship Program would like you to.

22 Replies to “Government of Mauritius – Africa Scholarship Scheme for African Commonwealth Countries, 2018”

  1. I am Peter from Zambia one of the members of commonwealthy countries. I am really willing looking forward to this opportunity.

  2. I’m from Malawi. I wish to further my studies through the scholarship scheme under your offer.
    All I require is to be accorded with a chance so as realize this farfetched dream come true.

  3. Exciting news. Kindly provide the necessary details required for a successful application. I am young girl working towards becoming a civil engineer. I am Zambian.

  4. It would be a great honour to receive instructions on how to apply for this scholarships.I am a Zimbabwean ,seeking help to get to university for a degree in information technology.

  5. Would you kindly offer me this opportunity, l would be very greatful if you base your assistance in ; mining/ geological engineering . Making it clear l am an undergraduate from Lesotho. Thanks.

  6. May you pliz grant me this golden opportunity.. am oloka ponsiano from Uganda a passionate doctor to be after this great opportunity..

  7. HI
    I am from Zimbabwe and I am applying for a scholarship to pursue my studies in Masters of Agriculture and Community Development online. Your assistance in getting this scholarship is highly appreciated.

  8. Hello please I’m interested in the program, I’m from Cameroon and I wish to continue my master’s program in finance through the scholarship scheme program. I really wish for this and how do I go about the application method? Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Hi I am Shirley I really need schools ship please help me for this year actually for the next month please help those who cannot afford,call me so that we could discuss how I am gonna get the money please 0728319271 please do help

  10. Am a Ugandan,I sat my A’level in 2016 and did BCM/ICT(Biology,Chemistry,Mathematics/Computer)but still home upto now because of the family financial problem due to my father’s internal health disease that was diagnosed by the doctor and stopped from doing any work.
    Therefore I am humbled to request for the scholarship in pursuing a medical course and hope to be granted a parental consideration upon my request.

  11. Hi, I’m Hussein From Ethiopia one of the commonwealth countries members. I done my BA in Anthropology. I’m interested to join your university to study strategic leadership in MA program. Please help me by offering this full scholarship opportunity. I’m from family that live in economically lower status so I can’t continue my education.

  12. Ian Milton mweembela from Zambia aim looking forward to this scholarship because I have a problem of financial support. so please help me how to apply for a scholarship.

  13. am by the name panchol Deng Aweng am a south sudanese by the nationality,looking forward to this scholarship due to lack of finacial support i loss my parent in the year 2013 in south sudan since i loss my parent am still at home now with my grandmother so i really need your help if there is a posible way that you can help me thanks you

  14. Hello sir I\’m Tegegn Helamo from Ethiopia. I have finished my BA degree in sociology in 2017 but still I\’m unemployed.I wants to learn my Msc program in my child life but I lost the power.please help me b/c that is my greatest dream in my life. Through God,I believe you help me according to my question. so please contact me.

  15. Hello I am Alena Kenneth fareal I am Ugandan.I would like to further my studies in accordance to your scholarship grant

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