Doctoral Research Studentships at King’s Business School in UK, 2018

Accredited schools online are quite markedly gaining traction. There is little denial to this. Degree programs are now omnipresent, but what perhaps not all of us realise today is that degree programs can be taken both online and offline. This is quite the revelation. If you were wondering how...
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$2000 to Full Tuition Scholarships at Quest University Canada

Quest University Canada is Canada’s first independent, non-profit university that is focused solely on excellence in undergrad education. Its campus is located on ancestral lands of the Squamish Nation being founded in 2002 by former University of British Columbia president Dr. David Strangway. The university offers only one degree...
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$1,500 College Scholarship

LiveCareer, considered the leading site for jobseekers, in the past year has helped millions of people with their resumes, job search needs, and cover letters and wants to continue this tradition. Over the past decade, LiveCareer has reviewed millions of resumes and noticed a common theme that of the...
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The $1000 CreditSoup Scholarship for U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

Since 2000, CreditSoup has been providing its customers with info, tools, and credit products developing programs such as Free Credit Score, Credit Card Match, and Loan Match. These programs allow customers to navigate the various credit products and learn more about their credit. Credit Soup’s programs offer customers their...
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Comparing Scholarships from Online to Traditional Education

University online degrees are now available for the taking of people who want them. If you are interested in getting a degree but need to be flexible in your schedule, applying for online school would be the best option. And if you are wondering if there are scholarships offered...
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Process when Applying to Online Schools

Applying to an online school is as similar as it goes in a traditional academe but of course there are few variations that you would need to keep in mind. The best thing about applying to one is that everything is accomplished online. There will be a step-by-step guide...
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